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Brayzz Africa is an online private owned lifestyle website, focusing mainly on Art & Design, Food & Entertainment. Brayzz was first established by Keith Keilloe in Victoria falls 2015. Making it the first of its kind in Victoria falls, the idea came when Keilloe was keen to create a platform to reach a wider audience for his back then Keilloe Fridays, where he would take short videos about his lifestyle and post them every Friday.


As the show grew the platform was now being used and recognised by most entertainers in Matebeleland. As time went, we improved and enhanced our channels, communication & networks. Keilloe then expressed his intentions for the hip hop market and Brayzz Africa as he was continuously working and  looking forward to promote Africa & Talent in it. We then began working and engaging different markets and expanding.

Brayzz Streets Compain
Brayzz Streets Compaign

Brayzz Africa is the first lifestyle brand to reach such standards in numbers. We have worked with a variety of hip hop artist, models and brands through out the entertainment market. We are happy to be one of those platforms from Africa that is giving happy hands to African Lifestyle & Entertainment Communities bringing recognition to African & international markets.

Keith Keilloe

As a Team at Brayzz Africa we have passion, and take Pride of African Arts, Fashion, Interior design, Music & all our Modern Culture needs. We are always made up of Stylist, fashionistas, Designers, Models, Artists & Managing Agents. Who love what they do and do what they love creatively with Love & Passion.

Brayzz Africa


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